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This web space will be a showcase of my interests in various sectors by highlighting some realized projects or project that maybe they will be realize.

Furthermore this web space is like a interactive personal notebook.

The web site is not completed and it will be update in spare time.

WEATHER STATION WITH ARDUINO: I built a weather station that run with Arduino. In the Arduino side menu you can find the description how to build it in by yourself like I have done. Obviously you need some patient, passion and ingenuity.

GRAPHS (grafici) : are the data detected and loaded in the network every 5 minutes. The sensors are placed at the top of the roof at about 10 meter from the ground.

STATISTICS (dati statistici): almanac or extreme of data detected.

WETHER RADAR: there are pictures from Arpav Veneto loaded in the network every 15-20 minutes. They show the amount of water in the clouds.

For information and request: info @ officinedivalle . org (remove spaces)